Change the way you hire

Less Waiting

No back and forthing with email. Simply sign up, submit a request and you will be notified when its complete

Lets hit your targets

From one item to fifty, our service has you covered. Allowing you to reach your growth and advertising potential.

Drop your overheads

Using design buddy allows you to save more than half of what an in-house design would cost, allowing you to spend more on what matters.

In-house Designer


  • £1666.75 per month
  • £2000 iMac
  • £71 p/m Adobe Subscription
  • £100 Desk
  • £200 Chair

First month: £4037.47

Following Months: £1737.47


£25 per hour (avg)

  • Endless Emails
  • Slow Turn Around
  • Back and forth changes

Average Price (per request) £300


No More Hidden Fees

  • As many designs as you need
  • Quick turn around time
  • All the pros of an in house designer
  • One open design at a time
  • None of the expense of a freelancer
  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee!
  • Check out FAQ for more

£299 /month


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