Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked Questions

  • What do you do?
  • Simple answer; we'll do everything except brand your business - that means social media designs, print advertising (flyers, posters, billboards, leaflets, magazine ads, etc) and Digital Design (web advertising, gifs, photo retouches, image manipulation, recolours, etc)
  • I need 3,000 designs done can you do them?
  • Sure! We work a production line system, one open design at a time, then we move on to the next. It means we get to prioritise your work, without figuring out where to start!
  • How quickly can I expect my request done?
  • We'll aim to reply to your request within one business day, to let you know it's been received and delegated. We'll then work on your design and have it with you within a couple of days. Don't hesitate to mention if it's something you need quickly. We'll try our best if it's an urgent request to get it done ASAP
  • It's Friday and I need something by Monday, can you do it?
  • We work hard and we play hard! Everyone needs time off, so while we schedule to the point that we don't work on weekends, if it's that important to your business, send us a mail and we'll see what we can do!
  • Do you offer a guarantee?
  • We do! If you sign up and within the first 14 days you haven't had a piece of work that you've signed off and are happy with, we'll refund you right away
  • Do you create all your designs?
  • All of our work is originally created. Rest assured that you’ll be the only one in the world selling the designs received from us.
  • Is it really unlimited?
  • Yes, unlimited! You can send in as many requests as you wish and have as many revisions as you require. No matter how many changes and designs you need, you’ll only pay a low flat monthly fee.

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